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We were formed with the mission to enable games to be as fun to watch as they are to play.

To demonstrate our vision for truly interactive games, we've built a multiplayer survival game called SOS.



Make Your Mark.

Hero re-creates the stadium experience online, with a thrilling experience where everyone feels the presence and the roar of the crowd.

It creates a delightful, encouraging feedback loop between performers and audiences, and allows audiences to become meaningful participants.

The more people use it, the better we're able to identify and surface great performers for you.

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Welcome to La Cuna.

SOS is a deadly survival competition in which 16 contestants are dropped onto La Cuna Island with one simple goal – get the hell off La Cuna Island.

Use the power of your own voice and your bubbly personality to create bonds with other contestants and your audience. You'll need them when the going gets rough.


The Team

Driven to enable and empower.

The company was founded by gaming veterans from Electronic Arts and Zynga, and has raised over $19M from Benchmark, Time Warner, Virgin, and other strategic investors.

Our team is made up of forward thinking people who collaborate in a self-directed environment.


    Adam is a Software Engineer.

    Adam loves working on technology used to build games. He is happiest when a system he’s built allows a designer to better realize their vision, an artist to have more control over how their work appears in game, or an engineer to save time implementing a new feature. His path to Outpost Games included seven years split between NaturalMotion and Zynga after studying game development at DigiPen Institute of Technology. When not building games he spends his time guiding adventurers to treasure and glory as a dungeon master in Dungeons and Dragons, running long distances over hilly trails, and seeking out games with fantastic story.


    Albert is the Head of Product.

    Albert loves working with diverse teams to build enjoyable, useful products. His experience spans from startups at Elemental Technologies (acquired by Amazon Web Services) and Chariot (acquired by Ford), to five years at YouTube and Google. At YouTube, he was the Senior Program Manager for YouTube Gaming, a platform for gamers showcasing live streaming tools and a viewer experience across web and mobile. Albert holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Outside of work, he likes to stay active with a game of tennis, an adventurous hike, or playing on his weekend flag football team.


    Andy is a UX/UI Designer.

    Andy’s passion for video games started with the original NES, getting lost in the world of Hyrule. His path towards game creation began in advertising, crafting brands and campaigns for major companies at BSSP. After, he found his way back to video games, working at Visual Concepts on the renown NBA2K series. He helped concept and create the style and UX of the vast frontend and menu systems. When he’s not stationed in front of a computer working on games he can usually be found in his apartment stationed in front of a computer tinkering on games. Or spending time with his wife watching what doctors have referred to as, “an unhealthy amount” of Netflix.


    Brad is a Software Architect.

    A 20-year veteran of the games industry and most recently a software architect at Zynga on the Farmville franchise, Brad managed the furious pace of live software development with aplomb. Before that, he worked at EA as the lead engineer on Dante’s Inferno and a gameplay perfecter on The Simpsons Game, The Godfather, and James Bond: Everything or Nothing. Brad has been trying to kick his Civilization habit for 23 years, but sadly hasn’t shown much progress.


    Brian is a DevOps engineer.

    Brian decided that he wanted to work in the games industry in kindergarten after his first encounter with computers through a game called Mario Teaches Typing. He started teaching himself programming in middle school through a scripting language in a game that he was playing called Odyssey. Before joining Outpost Games, he worked at Zynga on titles such as Mafia Wars, Farmville, and NFL Showdown. When he isn't playing online games, he is often teaching himself how to build electronics in hopes that he might one day be in command of the robots that take over the world.

  • Brooke Van Dusen
    Brooke Van Dusen

    Brooke is a Director of Partnerships.

    After bouncing around several startups to start his career, Brooke landed at a small, scrappy Justin.tv several months before they launched the website Twitch. Over the next six years, Brooke oversaw various different areas of responsibility at the company, including Developer Relations, Business Development, and Facilities. Brooke is passionate about all aspects of building a successful business, especially when it comes to developing outstanding relationships with customers, advocates and corporate partners. And he’s by far the most skilled gamer in the office.


    Caprice is a Product Designer.

    Like most parents in the 90’s, Caprice’s mom decided to purchase her the Pokemon Red Gameboy bundle from Costco for her 7th birthday. Little did she know that this gift would turn into a lifelong obsession, much less into a career. Upon graduating from Northeastern University, Caprice spent her initial post-graduate years in the iOS app industry as a UX/UI Designer. Despite loving her job, she ultimately decided to follow her dreams and pursue a career in games: first at Proletariat Inc. and now here at Outpost Games. When she’s not staring at a computer, she’s most likely talking about how salty she is at Magic the Gathering, or ‘aww-ing’ pictures of cats, or just attempting to be loved by her cats at home.


    Doug is an Animator.

    Doug has a life-long passion for story and character development. He was Lead Animator at SCEA’s Zipper Interactive and Bend Studios, primary Animator at Valkyrie Entertainment, Animator and TD at Run Studios, and consulted with Camouflaj to set up their animation pipeline for Republique. With a Master’s of Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington, Animation Mentor’s Animation degree, iAnimate Face Rigging classes, and Python certifications, Doug has a geeky bouquet of skills and experience to contribute to all aspects of game development.

  • GeorgeKhawahie
    George Khawahie

    George is an IT Manager.

    George is a Bay Area native who enjoys working in team-based environments where everyone’s input is valued. He has spent over 20 years in the Information Technology industry working for startups, biotech, and freelancing providing top level technical expertise. When not at work, George is usually surrounded by his Xbox and dogs, who enjoy their own Netflix profile, but his true love is American sports cars... oh, and his wife. Yeah her too. Will she see this?

  • Heather Knudson
    Heather Knudson

    Heather is a 3D Artist.

    Heather's love for art and video games started at an early age with Pokémon. From there she spent many nights drawing, writing, and playing video games into the wee hours of the morning. She has spent the last year doing various freelance work and interning at a military sim company and Disney Interactive. When not at work, she can be found painting, creating personal projects, gardening, and attempting to befriend small animals in her backyard.


    Ian is a Designer and Filmmaker.

    With a diverse background in print, web, motion graphics, film, and gaming, Ian has a wealth of experience across many mediums. He most recently worked as UI Art Lead at Visual Concepts on the critically acclaimed NBA2K series where he helped creatively direct, build and manage a sprawling, ambitious frontend. When he’s not over-analyzing every pixel on screen, he’s most likely dancing. Or doing improv. Or cooking. Or making cool stuff in Cinema 4D. Or trailing on for far too long.


    Ian is a Creative Director and the Showrunner on SOS.

    In his career,Ian has gotten to have a lightsaber fight with the real Darth Vader,tazer somebody without getting in trouble,and scream as if he was flying thru space into a microphone.He started twenty years ago as an environment artist,moving on to Lucasarts as an Art Director on several Star Wars games,and then on to EA’s Visceral Games, where he was the Art Director on the Dead Space series before taking on a full Creative Director role.After time spent on Battlefield and Tomb Raider,he is excited to help bring a new type of gaming experience to the world.

    His twitter handle is “Monkey_Pants”, because “Pants” is the funniest word in the English language, and monkeys make anything twice as funny.The underscore is because some jerk beat him to the signup by a few months.


    Jake is a Technical Artist.

    Jake specializes in shader and material development. Prior to joining the team at Outpost, Jake spent 11 years at Sony Bend, where he started as an environment artist, and worked his way up to Technical Art Director. He has weird taste in games, movies, and food, but has decided it’s way more convenient to like everything and enjoy it all. Jake loves hiking and exploring with his wife, and exchanging meaningful glances with his dogs.


    Jason is a Technical Artist.

    Jason has had a long and sordid career of helping to pioneer the field of Technical Art. After starting the Motion Capture studio for Sony Computer’s first party Playstation Development, he learned Character Rigging and Scripting while making Cinematics, all told more than one hundred games over a dozen years. With his free time, he’s working on Independent game development in Unity which will lead to the coming revolution in virtual digital spaces using Motion Control systems with Virtual and Augmented reality displays.


    Joe is a Software Engineer

    Having grown up backseat gaming his family, Joe enjoys working on http://bigbropoker.org websites that have helped more backseat gaming to occur. He also enjoys scuba diving, cooking, travelling, automating processes, collecting resources, and hoarding suits of power armor.


    Lola is an Executive Assistant.

    Lola first taught Kindergarten after graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and had a whirlwind of an experience hanging out with little humans all day. After deciding to move to the Bay Area, she explored new career paths that weren’t a far stretch from managing her own classroom and became an Office Manager at an Education Tech startup. Lola is happiest when she’s surrounded by people and enjoys building relationships that create lasting impressions which allowed her to find her niche as an essential piece of the puzzle that keeps a business running efficiently and happily as an Executive Assistant. When she’s not working, you can find her petting all of the animals, reading sci-fi novels, and taking aimlessly long road trips along the PCH in search of the best hidden beaches.


    Matt is a Character Artist.

    Matt specializes in designing and sculpting heroic characters and creatures for Games, Visual Effects and Collectible Figures. Prior to joining the team at Outpost Games, he was a Senior Character Artist at Industrial Light & Magic where he worked on the film Jurassic World (2015). During his stay at ILM, Matt contributed to Creature Sculpting, Hero Digital Doubles, Hair & Fur styling and Texture Painting. Before ILM, he spent three years working with AnatomyTools.com assisting in the creation of 1/6th scale anatomy figures. When Matt is away from the studio, you will find him sculpting, drawing, painting and playing his classical guitar.

  • Micah Seff
    Micah Seff

    Micah is a Manager of Communities.

    Born in the mountains and raised by wolves, Micah has had to temper his savage impulses to fit into a society that both fears and misunderstands him. After spending time in the badlands of games journalism, both at IGN.com and founding GameXplain, Micah made the leap into game development managing Live Operations on innumerable games at Kabam including Realm of the Mad God, Dragons of Atlantis, and Heroes of Camelot. Despite his bestial upbringing, videogames have seeped into every aspect of his life. If he gets a faraway look in his eye when you talk to him, it’s not you, he’s probably just thinking about Zelda.

  • Michael Noonan
    Michael Noonan

    Michael is a Software Engineer.

    Michael’s life in games started at the early age of four when a friend introduced him to Super Mario Bros. Before joining Outpost Games, he worked at EA Redwood Shores, later renamed Visceral Games, where he worked on the Dead Space trilogy, Dante’s Inferno, and Battlefield: Hardline. He attended the University of Southern California and dual-majored in computer science and theatre before transitioning into engineering. He has been called handsome by people other than his mom.

  • Mike Daugherty
    Mike Daugherty

    Mike is a Designer of Worlds.

    Mike knew he wanted to build worlds after playing Quake for the first time way back in 1996. He built worlds and levels as a personal passion for some time before discovering that you could get paid to do just that. Most recently, he has been in the thick of MMO development, launching Rift and two expansion packs. Before that, he was at EA where he helped shape the worlds of James Bond, The Godfather, and The Simpsons game franchises.

  • Omer Baristiran
    Omer Baristiran

    Omer Baristiran is a Director of Product Development.

    Omer spent the last 10 years with Visceral Games working on titles such as Dead Space 1-3, Battlefield Hardline and managing mainly the character, animation and story teams. He loves the challenge of producing interactive entertainment that can move audiences. His focus is in creating a nurturing yet sustainable team culture. Before joining the Outpost Team, he worked with Baobab Studios as a producer for a Virtual Reality character animation project. In his spare time, he likes to cook while listening to NPR.

  • Paul Svoboda
    Paul Svoboda

    Paul is an Environment Artist.

    He began his career at Epic Games where he worked on a variety of projects from games, to tech demos and showcases. He also helped build environments for the Tomb Raider sequel before joining Outpost Games. When Paul’s not crafting environments, he’s most likely cycling around San Francisco looking at buildings.

  • Rob Taylor
    Rob Taylor

    Rob is a Software Engineer.

    Raised in Canada, Rob spent most of his childhood glued to video game monitors for warmth. He started his career in the games industry as a bright-eyed intern while studying at the University of Waterloo. He helped build and launch several web games by the time he graduated, most notably FarmVille 2. Rob is passionate about building products and services for the rapidly changing trends in entertainment consumption.

  • Ryan Sicotte
    Ryan Sicotte

    Ryan, a.k.a “ABitTooLethal”, is a Community Manager.

    Ryan’s obsession with video games began with Crash Bandicoot, but his plunge into the gaming industry begins with Outpost Games. In 2015 he stumbled upon live streaming after a close friend recommended he try it – in no time he was addicted, finding a love for providing positive, engaging entertainment to an audience (even when it was just good ol’ Nightbot watching).His interest in people is unsurprising given his history working in social, customer service environments, ranging from retail management to tutoring critical thinking to students at CSU Chico, where he received his BA in Philosophy. Ryan’s plan is to leverage his customer-oriented experience and passion for gaming entertainment to provide the optimal SOS player experience. More importantly, though, when not working out, reading, gaming, or talking about how he wants to go skydiving someday, Ryan dreams about one day finally, gitting the gud.

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson

    Ryan is a Builder.

    Ryan brings a decade of experience creating and scaling software systems. After co-founding two political technology startups, he built a passion for Guitar Hero into JamLegend, an online destination for music rhythm gaming and discovery (acquired by Zynga). While at Zynga, Ryan was studio CTO of the flagship FarmVille, among other titles. In his free time, Ryan plays guitar with his band, tweaks his Fender strat, and enjoys cooking, cycling, swing dancing, and oxford commas.

  • Sachin Pansuria
    Sachin Pansuria

    Sachin is a Co-founder and Software Architect at Outpost Games.

    Sachin is passionate about keeping teams working efficiently and happily while making great games. He has 15 years of experience, including tenures as the lead gameplay engineer of Dead Space 2 at Visceral Games and the studio architect on Farmville 2 at Zynga. His video game career started with James Bond: Agent Under Fire, where he played a major role in the critically acclaimed multiplayer mode. As a young boy, his love for video games led him to skip out on school lunch in order to save money for the arcade. Shhhh, his parents still don’t know!

  • Sean VanGorder
    Sean VanGorder

    Sean is an Environment Artist.

    After graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Sean moved from one coast to another to begin his career in game development. His most recent credits include working at Visceral Games as an environment artist on Battlefield: Hardline and as a texture artist in a galaxy far, far away. When he's not making games he spends his time playing them, poorly shredding on guitar, rotating between the same 3 shows on Netflix, arguing with his cat, and hoping to one day win at least one of those arguments.

    Shashi Jani

    Shashi is a Data Analyst.

    Shashi is passionate about anything related to data and statistics. He has experience leading the development of analytical projects designed to understand key business behaviors that drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention. He likes to get things done by getting the right data to the right people in the most efficient way possible. Shashi joined Outpost Games after working at Uber and EA, where his experience spanned from performing statistical analysis to attribution modeling that measures the effectiveness of different marketing channels and provides recommendations to optimize marketing spending. Outside of work Shashi is an avid cricketer and likes to go on hikes.

  • Tony Gialdini
    Tony Gialdini

    Tony is an Animator.

    Tony is lost. We don’t know why he is here.

    Long ago when Tony was young his mother told him, “you can’t have anything that connects to the TV. You watch too much of it.And you spend too much time on the computer.Go out and play!”After that long standing childhood trauma, Tony decided to rebel against his family and become an animator. Before he showed up in our office - uninvited - he worked for many years at EA, Activision, Maxis, and we think he was a janitor somewhere... we’re not totally sure.

  • Wright Bagwell
    Wright Bagwell

    Wright is the CEO of Outpost Games.

    Wright is a designer and entrepreneur with a deep passion for building products that enable everyone’s skill and creativity to shine. He found his passion for game design and fascination with game platforms after getting hooked on the Quake mod scene, back in 1996. Since then, Wright has worked at Cavedog, Valve, EA, and Zynga. He was previously design director of Farmville 2 at Zynga, creative director of Dead Space 2 at EA, and led design teams on numerous other titles at EA. Wright is on a mission to turn every gamer into a performer, every game into a stage, and to fundamentally change how people perceive the games business.

  • Yara Khoury
    Yara Khoury

    Yara is the Head of Games.

    Yara is passionate about creating games that explore new interactive avenues, and stimulate players’ creativity in meaningful ways. She started playing games when she was a kid, and is inspired by products that push the boundaries of interactive entertainment. Yara worked at Ubisoft in France before she gained her MBA and joined EA Visceral Games to work on the Dead Space, Battlefield and Star Wars franchises. She loves to work with diverse teams and create an environment where everyone can express their creativity, collaborate effectively and challenge the status quo.


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